dale goldstein

Dale Goldstein is a teacher of various holistic methods and a brilliant writer who uses his words to spread the values and benefits of his teachings.

For more than 50 years, Dale Goldstein has helped individuals, groups and organizations achieve healing and happier lives. Dale Goldstein is proud to share his teachings with others and does so in the following pieces of writing:

Devoted to

In this literary piece, Dale Goldstein explores the polarizing aspect of being devoted to something. Whether it’s love or fear, honesty or dishonesty, life or death, peace or conflict, Dale Goldstein urges readers to look at their life and discover what it is they are truly devoted to.

Quenching the Fire Within

Dale Goldstein believes there is a fire that burns deep within all of us that can only be satisfied by answering one of life’s biggest questions: Who am I and why am I here? Dale Goldstein urges his readers to understand that extinguishing this fire can only come from taking a journey all the way to the center of one’s fire.


In this thought-provoking piece, Dale Goldstein explains how while meditating one day he discovered that every place of tension on his body was a place of un-forgiveness. Relationships, events, and desires that had gone unresolved in his life were causing Dale Goldstein to hold things against himself, and he realized that true peace could only be achieved by forgiving himself and moving forward. Dale Goldstein’s teachings in this writing also include forgiving others for their transgressions against you as a way to achieve inner-peace.

Gratitude and Awe

According to Dale Goldstein, “Gratitude is what we naturally feel when our heart is open.” This literary piece discusses the value of being appreciative for one’s life and opportunities to experience the world’s beauty. Goldstein leaves his readers with the simple message of: Once you see how you take yourself out of this pure state of being, you become free to choose how you want to live.

Having What You Really Want

Dale Goldstein begins this writing by not only asking readers what they want, but asking them what they REALLY want. He goes on to discuss how knowing what you truly want comes from looking deep inside yourself and taking a closer look at what makes you happy. Goldstein’s overall message is that once an individual finds out what they really want they can do whatever is required to achieve it.